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The “first”, he is the dealer - the croupier, who directly conducts the game, that is, distributes cards, launches the ball on the roulette wheel, takes money, gives out winnings and patiently listens to all the nonsense that the players are talking about The “second” croupier is also the inspector of the gaming table, sits or stands, sits back and controls, or pretends to control whether the “first” is doing everything right and whether the player is cheating.

I picked up a magazine with a busty blonde with a sharp heel and in one fell swoop mercilessly threw him off his chair. This is Leshkin's correspondence, it supplies our guys with fresh erotic literature. My poor legs, right in the shoes, stretched out into the vacant seat. Legs breathed a sigh of relief. They are not accustomed to heels with me - they endure them only for the sake of the croupier's dress code, and for the sake of Edik, of course. He loves to have his "gyorl"fourwas, so to speak, on top, and not on the soft platform of sneakers. Well, with my one hundred and sixty-five centimeters, it was hard for me even in heels to reach Edik's high standards.


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